Purposefully Rich


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It’s so depressing watching the typical man, toiling away at their work, doing what they don’t like, so that they can carry on living, to continue doing what they don’t like! At best, we find some self consoling, politically correct souls who think that their jobs are in fact alright and they don’t mind clocking in those hours. However, it only takes a simple test to tear down that self delusional facade – Would you still continue working at that job if you have a million bucks sitting in your bank?

Or would you rather go do something that you really love? Honestly.

If I’m not careful, I can easily find myself being sucked into that rat race. It is so instinctive, so natural. We all need to work. We need money. We need to survive. We all want to be rich. Which leads me to the question…

Do we have a good reason to be rich?

I’m not going to do the cliché thing of asking you what would you do if you had a million dollars today, because generally people develop an extra sense of altruism when picturing themselves with an improbably large sum of money. However, if we were to be given an extra month’s worth of bonus, would charity still be the first thought on our mind, or would that summer vacation or Louis Vuitton bag look more compelling instead?

I bet altruism just flew right out of the window.

Truth be told, we all want money just like how we want our next breath. Yet when we get it, we haven’t got the slightest idea of what we really want to do with it.

Perhaps only the purposeful should be truly rich. Or could it already be, that only the purposeful are truly rich?

People Are Not Used To Greatness


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People are not used to greatness.

They are unfamiliar with it.
They abhor it and they avoid it.
They like people the way they like their things; normalized, predictable.
Safe and stable, stale and stagnant.

Greatness is uncomfortable. It is an anomaly.
Society does not know how to accommodate it.
People do not know how to react to it.
Friends do not know how to embrace it.

People are not used to greatness.

10 Sentences to Inception.


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10 sentences to inception.

Leaders are decision makers. Period.

Every action come with a cost, at times, they come at the expense of others.

Now, are you comfortable with making decisions?

Given the degree of interdependence in this world, every decision we make will always be at the expense of someone else.

The only question is whether we realized it, or not.

With this understanding, it is not surprising to find people experiencing decision paralysis on a very frequent basis.

What if there’s another side of the coin that we have failed to consider, a cost we failed to measure?

There is a cost to inaction, there is a price for the invisible.

Just think about Hiroshima.