just came back man.. tiring.. haha….. had a cool service today! Yhope short film festival.. wah.. the multimedia is super professional man.. the film was a cool one. realli.. i mean as compared to the rest lah.. (not say the rest are bad, but this one is realli good) yeah.. feel like can identify with the character Daniel (not turkey) acting as.. feel like im going to be face with the same situation as him soon….. [prophecy??] haha.. but then.. realli admire him for going to pursue his dream with all his might.. going to do the same to! yeah!

then today.. during prayer meet.. i think i was burdened by God with tchs again.. realli .. this time.. i realli felt the blow of it…. we hafta bring them down.. yet we are running out of time!!! help us God!!! use us to win the school for u!!! realli man.. i realli wanna win it…. some how, some way, some time, some place.. the school is, and WILL BE won !!!!


yeah.. then today ps jeff was talking bout his preaching.. then learn some thing from him… bout doing the best u can do……. wanna have the spirit of excellence…. yeah! and then today after clm.. had to take bus home! (taxi no space) wah .. thank God man! i reach home quite late. but then my mum was in a too cheerful mood to scould me… she went Karoake today… dunno how u spell that thing.. but then.. yeah. so i came back .. then she was like..


Mum: so late arh?? *cheerful tone*

Zach: yeah….

Mum: wanna eat? got food!!

Zach: eh.. ok…


then i try to divert the topic away by asking her wad she do… .. yep man!! haha…. skillful.. =P yeah.. so …. back to the main thing…

-Let’s win TC(tchs) for JC(jesus christ) !!!-