-Day 3 of fasting Msn and Icq-

just had my dinner.. fulling man.. Thank God for the food…. went to Hq after school today to shepherd my sheep.. yeah…. and then played soccer with Philbert today.. and i found my team.. hehe.. *u hear that ethan?* while playing half way.. guess wad? got a call from raph! He and Minghon went evaxing! and we got two new brothers who converted! and one more that wants to convert! hee!!! and two that will get back to him.. wonderful man!!! Well done team!!! yeah… just that heard those two converts had cca during service time…. nvm.. see wad can God do thru us! =p then coz ethan was sleeping.. and when he woke up.. we told him the news.. apparantly.. he thot we were kidding.. haha. that guy still in lala land lah…. yeah!!!!! got more tchs pple man! and Ralph’s a Shepherd now!!! that means i got a great grand sheep!!!!!! Hooray!!! (His name is samuel btw)

That guy is one responsive Great grand sheep man.. haha.. pray that he will grow fast and well in this walk with God! and together, we will win tchs !! Amen!

– TC for JC!-