-Day 5 of fasting Msn and Icq-

Had Cg today at HQ.. played basketball with those guys.. and matthew had 3 sec 2s coming.. wow. their networking is good man.. apparantly they were quite good.. making the teams being of comparable standard even though they lack 1 person. yep.. had a fun day man.. tiring though.. was playing basketball from 1.20- 3.50 liddat.. yeah.. sweating alot again.. (man.. u dun wanna smell) anyway… guess wad pple? i trash Ben in Playstation soccer!! yah!! 8-0 Nigera vs Brazil…. apparantly turns out that brazilian soccer team has this particular weakness which i exploited… yeah.. then ben was in disbelieve. haha..

Yeah.. then after that had Housekeeping.. gotta say those pple were rather Hardworking.. and rather automatic also.. Samantha (cheong) cleaned the toilets even when i wasnt there… haha.. no need “taokay’! yeah!.. and today had quite a number of pple for housekeeping. so thank God for that.. unlike previous weeks.. the teams like getting smaller and smaller… haha.. yeah… (heard we will be have more pple from a particular unit soon) hehe… *evil grinz*

Today was my first attempt at shaving. haha.. Dad finally decided to teach me shaving. and guess wad? i was successful!!!! besides one small minor cut…. *bleaugh* nv… everything has its first time.. haha… but realli.. that bunch of hair on my mouth was irritating me… finally got it off..

Tmr is Short film fest Part Two man!! wow.. the part one was realli professional .. looks good… haha.. hope that we can see tchs pple coming down this week!!! lets Win tchs for Jesus pple!!!! haha.. realli looking forward to it…. gotta go do confirmation liao.. ciao!