-Day 18 fasting Msn and Icq-

today had shepherding with minghon….. short but powerful one.. was verli tired after that.. dunno why.. recently keep getting headaches and tired easily.. i slept early though…. *dunno*

anyway… just realize that u gotta check out the Central B website man.. its c-o-o-l-i-o! got some matrix looking thing… looks professional man.. hahaha.. those reading this gotta go check it out!


yeah.. then had a few games of bridge with Eva, Jason, Ethan, Dewen and Michelle.. took turns playing… … nice to be playing it again man.. for a moment.. it was kinda overtaken by the “bom” game.. but its just simply bcoz that game allow more pple to play and its a no brainer type of game.. good for relaxing.. or pple who dun wanna think yet still haf fun.. hahaha… yeah…. nice to play that in a while especially when u realli tired. (like me!)

Then just today.. i got thrown in the face with a bio test.. teacher gave us a surprise test.. wanting us to do finish Nanyang prelim paper one.. in 30 mins.. 40 questions! hard man… or probably has something to do with me not studying, but i manage to get 27/40 right! And thats like one of th top few in the class liao.. *talk bout hard papers* yeah man.. so disappointed.. wanted to get 30 yep.. anyway.. got 6 for confirmation today.. might have +2 tmr! haha.. My Guys worked hard.. im proud of them… looking forward to this week’s service.. Music and Fun filled.. Its gotta be Cool man!

P.S: can someone.. or the person herself tell me who is “gentle gurl” that signed my guestbook? Till now i have Absolutely no idea…… pls identify urself.. thanks! =D

-Win TC for JC!-