oh man.. totally shagged today…. so tired! i sweated it out like a pig today man. today we had serve singapore.. then had to wake up at 6 clock to go east coast park pick litter.. however… its wasnt a problem until i realise i onli had 6 hrs to sleep, came back late from a movie of tomb raider 2 last night.. then couldnt have time to bath.. just slept *yucks* but dun worry.. i bathe before going to pick litter. (ironic eh?) then i fell asleep while travelling to newton mrt… Thank God i woke up just in time man!!! i realize something.. everytime i sleep arh.. God will SOMEhow wake me up JUST before my stop.. hahaha….. realli man.. im seriously amazed… yeah.. then we picked litter onli for bout 15 mins.. then played the rest of the day.. haha.. had Soccer within Central B and then later have district Games.. had a fun time overall.. Thank God for the hardworking pple which planned the activities… realli appreciated it! =D

Man… tmr still hafta go school even though its a ACSI holiday.. the whole school having holiday but becoz my teacher cant finish the geog b4 prelims.. so now hafta rush.. cant blame him.. its becoz of the many interruptions this year.. hiaz.. nvm.. tmr got seed.. and restructuring.. looking forward man!!! curious to know wad’s the change.. hehe.. cya!

*sleepy mood*