yo yo!!!! im back blogging after one week.. haha….. not fasting lah.. just lazy to blog.. 😛 anyway.. had several cool experience to speak about…

guess wad? yesterday i went to watch hillsongs concert! its was okay lah.. bout 15 songs++… quite a number from the new album… but wad thrilled me wasnt the concert.. it was the way of entry into the concert!!!

u know wad… coz wfl ended at 6.30 sharp *time management by cathy* haha.. realli on time! then we heard from derrick that the seats were going to be filled up.. so we all rush down.. mainly those pple.. and matt’s group, my group and zihui’s group .. 3 taxi’s in all.. then on the taxi…. we had a jam.. then i keep praying… (uh huh..applied ps jeff’s teaching) P-U-S-H! Then guess wad??? we manage to reach just before the gates close…… as in SCRAP in.. realli … by the skin of our teeth.. the width of our hair.. the atoms of our shirt…. the molecule of our sweat.. WE GOT IN!!!!

haha… we manage to get i think the last four seats loh.. then we were all so thrilled… (me, qian jin, ruisi and joseph) then while walking to our seats zihui called and said they got locked out……. that means that the door closed basically immediately after we entered… talked about blessing !!!

God reali blessed us… wah.. im seriously so amazed….. its like SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOO Close!!!!! haha.. i know i irritated ruisi and qian jin with my constant amazment of how we got into it.. but up to now.. frankly speaking.. im still quite amuse..and amazed!!! so blessed !!! Its exactly like wad Ps jeff said…..

When ur pray is answered so accurately, so exact, so precise

u are just left there to be in a state of wonder and bewilderment……

My relationship with my Father just took a leap…… a big one…..