had my oral today…. haha.. no bad lah.. everything went quite well.. i was the second person.. topic was about cycling.. haha.. then i crap all the way lah (wad’s else?) haha.. but i think i speak to fast.. happens sometimes when im a bit nervous.. haha.. wun feel it lah. but its a natural responsive.. (remember testimony sharing?) yeah…. just whack… my slogan.. haha. then i stumble a bit… one part in my reading. then i laugh at myself. the teachers laugh also.. then we all laugh.. haha.. no bad lah… at least i got laughing teachers… the teachers beside my group arh.. i tell u … their gradient of the mouth dun change one.. its __________ … its as straight as this line loh.. all were lady teachers no young one though.. so acsians couldnt use their charm as well.. =P but there will be always the skilled among the skilled, the best among the best. those that can make the teachers laugh. haha… kidding..

-Thank God for the good teachers!-

P.S: i heard of worse examiners……