yo… long time nv post.. time to blog again.. man…. i cant believe im saying this … but its been a long year.. and the year is coming to an end.. and im going to sit for my O Level’s soon..

Another phase of my life is coming to an end…… secordary life… hm.. upon reflecting thru this life.. i believe i have made the most impact on others life during this period of time while my 16 years on this planet. For the better and for the worse… yes.. i made much impact…. it has also gotta be my best phase of my life as its when i choose to commit to God… been wasting my life for the past 15 years till i came to realize God’s purpose for myself… many times in primary school… i always find myself lying on my bed thinking wad’s the use of this life… life in a society like singapore will often make u ponder bout this… i dun wish to involve myself in a rat race.. i dun wanna be run the whole journey and then look back and ask myself “wad have i been doing thru all these year?”

No! i will not conform my life to the society trend! i will make a difference with this life… i will strive towards a purpose.. and i have found it… no.. its not the purpose the society that created for me.. its not getting good grades for the sack of it.. its not getting a top job and boasting about it.. no.. life is more then just bout surviving.. we are given life to experience God’s love……. I used to think life is a curse to us.. (why out of all the million sperms… my genes had to make it to the egg?) haha.. frankly speaking.. living in a life w/o God’s purpose…. its not worth living at all… wad’s the use of all these cash and riches? they all just fade away….. with happiness that doesnt last, beauty that fades, suffering which is persistence, sickeness which is recurring, sadness which cant be avoided, and pain which is here to stay.. wad is the use if my life’s end goal is just to say that i have been thru this and survived? im not proud to be a survivor.. there is no prize in that.. i rather jump of the cliff and die. At least i get to experience terminal velocity before my death *wink*


i have found a purpose that is eternal.. a purpose that gives me joy that can never be taken away.. something which i can hold on to.. even when i die.. i found God’s plan for my life…… Im placed on the earth to bring joy to others, to help spread to gospel.. to indirectly rescue pple from eternal condemnation.. by bringing them to know Christ.. that is my purpose in life.. for those pple out there who have not come to realise this fact… i pray u open ur eyes, if ur seriously contented in this world.. ur sick in the mind……. sick with sin…..

its realli pitiful to see those pple …. like blind rats liddat.. running around… nv failing to look up and marvel at the wonders of God.. always contented with the maze their running in…. i guess im the rat that is place into the maze to help lead the pple to look up…

For those pple who decides to backslide, i fail to understand why. Is God’s wonders less attractive then the world? i know some times the world seems to look slightly more attractive then God’s great plan for u ….. but the question is.. does izit realli true? can u realli choose that path and look back after 5 years and said.. yes.. im life have changed for the better? these 5 years w/o God has been my best five years? i cant……. thus i cant agree with those who choose that path………

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-Are we realli better of without God?-

……..I doubt so……….