argh.. just had a irritating day.. didnt go hq today. surprised many coz i guess i should stop going once in a while.. anyway.. i got back my prelims… i got 10 for L1R5….. thank God.. highly moderated.. so its realli nothing… i somehow topped the class for physics.. without actualli knowing how.. probably God had seriously gave me some extra wisdom due to the apparantly lack of brain matter… thank God again! =P but then again.. im the onli singaporean in my class to get a double digit for my L1R5…

im getting into ACJC.. but somehow my mum and my sister seems to be against it.. but heck them anyway.. im praying that i get into triple science stream… if i cant get into that.. go NJC or wadeva other better JC also sure cannot get into their triple science stream one.. dunno wad they thinking.. guess she just wants me to go in a highly reputatable JC…. something to do with “face” again in between the auntie society. duno wad’s with them…..

Currently.. WWIII is happening at my house.. my sister broke up with her bf and my mum is desperately trying 2 get my sis to change her mind coz the bf is actualli her fren’s son…. *face problem again* .. hiaz.. figured it wun last….. frankly speaking… i dun know how do any non-christians get married happily anyway?!? they dunno God, seek dependence from each other.. which obviously fails them (my sis is a living example) i sometimes seriously pity them… are they realli happily married i ask myself ….. well… i doubt my sister will be fulfilled unless she finds God… but so far with her cynical view and backslided relationship.. i doubt its going to be easy….