at home.. sick. cough.. nothing much. but becoz in school got this virus that is in the air.. made many sick… (disadvantages of an air conditioned school) in one class alone… u count the number of the healthy pple.. not sick pple…. (7 pple left in class)

yeah… had to go home.. whoever is feeling unwell.. i had cough so i thot i better go home…. practising social responsiblity yah? haha…. i went home with this class mate… he was also sick… then he insisted on sitting a bus home.. so okay. i didnt stop him.. but he look realli pale…. at least i was walking behind him coz i had to carry my books home plus qian jin’s books…. then he eventually slowed down and then i overtook him… sensing something wrong…. i instinctively ask him wad’s the matter..the next thing i know…. he threw up in front of me….. twice.. thank God it was just water.. then had to faster help him hail a cab home.. man… i guess he realli is VERY sick…

yep… stoning at home now.. cant go HQ in fear of passing this to other pple who are taking exams….. this is boring……..