man.. just came back frm svc… pastor ben preaching.. another chim one as usual took me some time to understand. but interesting nv the least.. haha.. today celebrated ethan’s bday again.. had a cake which Bing Quan baked.. wah. i gotta affirm that guy man.. he’s real persevering… he failed once.. took him 6 hours to bake the first cake.. he got condemn by his family too! but he had faith.. haha.. he tried again.. and this time.. 2 hours and a wonderful cake ! *woohoo!* BQ! u made the guys proud! guys can bake!

Haha…. then ben tried to smash the cake on ethan’s face. but due to the nature of the butter cake, it cant stick onto ethan’s face.. haha…

anyway.. me and ben had a plan while going home… haha.. combine CG is going to be SO MUCH more fun after exams.. *grinz* haha

anyway.. dun type so much.. yesterday played bball, badminton, soccer… and the previous day played squash and tennis, my arm is aching like mad now.. haha