had a fruitful svc and clm today.

“He who wants to learn, learns.”

i dare u try going to svc and meetings with an open & expectant heart. you will be surprised at the results.

anyway, realize that people, especially the more witty ones are like double edged swords. they are very good at using one word killers. the apt word with the apt tone juz to suan or insult others. sadly, im guilty of it as well. i often know when to use just single word or phrase, just to insult critically at others. something like im an efficient insulter or something liddat. but today learn about efficient encouragers.. people who can use the right words at the right times to lift people up. realized that im so desensitise that i cant even realize when to encourage. its like juz before u insult a person, a split second thot will run thru my mind telling myself “if u were to say this right now, u can hurt the person real badly.” scary isnt it? but yet, as observant as i claim to be myself, i cant even figure out when to praise people.

i want to learn. the art of effective encouraging. one word, one person built up. =)