Thats the most apt word to use to describle life. To me at least. Cause to feel pain is to mean your heading in the right direction. Isnt that always the case?
Physical: no pain, no gain. all sportsmen will know when u train until your muscle aches, it means they are getting stronger.
Emotional: when ur hurt, it reflects the presence of a close relationship. Ever realize ur enemies never disappoints u? They only enrage u. Cause only people close to you can disappoint u. Perhaps thats why its always the person u love most able to disappoint u to the greatest extent. Pain is a reflection of the degree of intimacy.
( For those asking to build deeper relationships, you are basically asking for more pain.)

Hatred. Greed. Wrath. Pride. Gluttony.
Actually, i just realized. they arent so bad after all. I challenge you to change ur perpective. These arent actually sins. Its just perverted emotions. The devil has distorted the focus of these characteristics thats why we tend to sin.

What if we choose to…
harbour intense hatred towards sin?
be greedy for more of The Spirit to fill us?
be angry and stand up for the injustly treated?
take pride in the fact that we are God’s beloved and boast about His goodness?
indulge in spiritual food(the Word of God) instead of physical food?

i want to learn to hate, be greedy, be angry, be proud and indulge.
i want to be the Devil’s greatest nightmare. Amen.

People tend to think the greatest one can do for the christian faith is to martyr for it. I beg to differ. For living for Christ is so much harder then dying for Him. Just as how Rick Warren puts it in his book the “purpose driven life”, it is so hard to be a living sacrifice as it can crawl off the altar! Physical death is just a once off, but living…… it is an uncountable series of deaths which is decided everyday, in every choice. Every choice made for Christ is one that denys our carnal self. We stab ourselves with every right decision we take.
Hence biblical living is basically daily dying.

Ever realize how humans have a twisted sense of the ‘midas’s touch’? We have a limitless potential for destruction. Everything that we tinker with, eventually end up much worse off in the end. Look at how nature ran itself. It was all balanced till man came into the picture. God’s initial plan was good, but when man steps in to ‘correct’ it for the better, it ended up worse. Our world is a proven track record. Yet, we are all still so keen on taking control of our own lives. Havent we learnt that every choice we made contary to God’s choice have gotten us into what we are now? Instead of handing control over, we still continue to direct our course of life hoping to make amendments for our previous mistakes. How much deeper must we descent down the slippery slope?

Its a human tendency to want to be in control.
I guess it also must be a human tendency to self destroy.