[A (few) penny for my thoughts/ part 1]

about spiritual maturity:

There was this story told by Ravi Zacharias in one of his sermons.
A passenger sat next to this fantastic looking lady through out the long plane trip from US to New Zealand. Dumbfounded by her beauty, he made an audacious offer: sleep with me for a hundred million dollars. Utterly stunned, the women asked again to confirm. She said she would think about it. In the end, she agreed to his request.
Just before the plane had landed, the guy turned around and admitted frankly that he didnt have that amount of cash. He ask if a hundred dollars will suffice. Angrily, the woman retorted, “Just what kind of person do you think i am!?”
His reply leave much to be pondered upon.

“Well, that fact is already established. What we are just doing is haggling over the price.”

Is it true that we all have a price? And if certain conditions and prerequisites are met, we will be willing to forsake our principles? I’m not only referring to the monetary price as in material wealth but also price in terms of amount of fame, relationships and power?

That means that the devil can surely buy us over as long as the price is right. All he needs to do is just to bring it up till we agree. Obviously we aren’t dumb. If he tempt me with an increase in pocket money, i doubt i will deflect over to his side. But what if that were to go to another level? What if the devil says to the power hungry person that if you choose forsake Jesus, and i’ll give you a position of power? Or backslide now and i will give you fame of michael jordan… etc. Exactly at what price will we then agree to hand ourselves over?
I urge to think about it and guard that area tightly.

Thankfully, in 1 cor 10:13 it says,

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

but that also means we have a limit right? Let’s say that is 1000 possible temptations for a human to fall into. If God protects u from 990 temptations and only allows u 10, cause He knows you definitely fall into sin if you faced the 11th type of temptation. It speaks loads about our spiritual maturity, doesnt it? Not that I asked for lessen protection from God for i need it as well, but i do hope i may mature more so that eventually God can “entrust” me with more possible temptations cause He know that i will be able to stand up against them with His help. That is how you measure true spiritual maturity — the number of decisions made, choosing Him over our sinful desires.

P.S: We were all brought by Him already at the price of His blood. By selling ourselves to the devil at a stated price, we have effectived placed a valuation of His blood — that which is originally priceless.