[Humans don’t mind suffering]

Its true.
We all are willing to suffer to various degrees to obtain something we desire. Girls are willing to skip meals to save for branded merchandise, guys are willing to eat protein powder and pump iron to achieve muscular body tones etc…

Actually, the fact is that people are willing endure objective suffering, but not meaningless work.

If we can see where all the trials will bring us to, and if the end point is desirable, i believe we would have less qualms about suffering. This is the point behind objective suffering.

However, this would then direct us to another issue. Objectivity can only along with a specific direction. Any direction apart from the sole direction is objectively wrong. The saddest thing is not that most people are heading in the wrong direction, but the lack of one in the first place. Without a direction, everyway is the wrong way. There can be no objective suffering, for you do not even know the reasons behind why are you suffering the way you are. As a result, everything becomes meaningless.

This is clearly accented in the lifes of students especially during periods nearing exams. They tend to get increasingly deluded with studying. After all, its truly meaningless for someone who wants to be a ballet teacher to be investigating about the law of thermodynamics.
I don’t blame them if they don’t see the point…. cause there isn’t one.

If Speed is secondary and direction is primary,
then setting of direction must be fundamental.

stop. pause. think.
where the heck are you heading?