[Not enough]

Some people place their pride in self sufficiency. Independent. Lone ranger. Somehow, society has elevate loneliness to a pole position. In fact, im sure some of us has heard of christianity becoming a religion for the weak — God has became a clutch for those that need help.

Well, the truth is that we all need help. That’s a fact. Its just whether are you placed in a situation in which you realize it to the fullest extend. To those that say God’s help is unneccessary, have you ever tried being perfect for one day? Have you tried to be patient, loving, kind, serving, understanding, polite, gentle, peace-loving, joyful, faithful, self-controlled, etc? Are you sure you achieve all of that without God’s help? I can’t even pass the first 3 attitudes already. We don’t know how much we need God because we do not try hard enough to lead the perfect christian life.

Its undenyable. His help is a neccessity, not a luxury.
We certainly don’t need God to lead a perfectly sinful life.
We alone will suffice.

I need God I need God I need God. I dunno about you and neither do I care, but as for me, I really need God.