What you love is a direct inversed reflection of what you hate to the exact degree.

I believe we all can see God’s harshness clearly especially in the way He dealt with sin. As humans, we are naturally more inclined to remember inflicted pain much better then blessings. That is why on the superficial level, we tend to picture God to be less loving in the Old Testament then in the New Testament. Logically, this is inconsistent with God’s immutable character, but experientially we cannot seem to make a strong case for a loving God in the Book of Law. Allow me to bring a new perspective to this issue.

Actually, I am glad that God is harsh with sin in the pre-Jesus era. In fact, I delight in the harsh-ness of His punishments! (Disclaimer: I am not a sadist) That is because His harsh treatment of Sin shows His extreme hatred for it. That is because this extreme hatred is a direct inversed reflection of His extreme love for us. God does not hate sin per say as an end to itself, but He hates sin so much primarily because of what sin does to the one He adores! Just like how we hate people manhandling our new handphones because we pamper them so much, how we detest people torturing our pets because we love them and how we hate people destroying what matters to us most; God hates sin that much because He loves us that much.
We are what that matters most to Him.

Sin destroys me, tortures me, abuses me and manipulates me.
Thus I dare conclude that:
If He does not hate sin, He does not love me.
If He hates sin a little, He loves me a little.
If He hates sin utterly, it can only mean one thing… He loves me utterly.