[The Return of the Demented Mind: The beginning]

You sure you want to read this? The truth be told, I don’t even want to type this. I think I have like 5 short essays/long posts (whatever you people like to call it) to share. Its really tiring to think, and worse to repeat what you think by typing out cause you have to reevaluate the whole thing. If I pondered and got my answer, that would be enough headache. Then again, if I don’t go though the trouble to type my answer out, I would have to reevaluate my question again. What a waste of time. (Oh my gosh Zach, you are even evaluating whether to reevaluate or not. *Gawks* What a retard!)

Well, I promised God to be a good steward of my thoughts that He gave me. He decides what to do with them, who shall read them, who shall use them. I am merely the steward carrying out His instructions. If they are of any use to anyone, failure to repeat my conclusions would be withholding blessings to them. Then again if they are merely intellectual rubbish disguised with a sleight of hand sort of showmanship skill, please skip at your own pleasure. In fact, I would very much rather that altogether, I would even seriously recommend that – escape while you can. I am perfectly fine with unread piece/s of post/s, after all, they are just the title suggest: a glimpse into a demented mind. As for the rest of the stubborn retards that refuse to heed advices, read on with me below today, and in the next few days to come.

Christmas sermon point one.
1) God is altogether good
And I thought it was a basic point. (You should have known better Zach…)
Did you realize that point was so basic, it was a premise that all future run-ins with God need to be based upon? This point is also always under siege from Christians as well as the non-Christians. If God is good, why is there suffering? If God is good why are there people going hell. If God is good, why was the death not prevented? If God is good, why ____________?

Interesting point to note: If let’s say fine. You get your point. Fine. God is not good! God is evil. No one will ever says, since God is evil, why is there good? If God is evil, why do I get blessed? Humans have a natural inclination of placing the spotlight on the bad things and assume that the good things are suppose to happen. When they don’t, they get all nasty and foul tempered about it. God always get blamed for the bad things and forgotten for the good things. Well done humans!

Back to the above point. We always question God again and again on that characteristic of His although it should have been long understood. God is good and is unable to do anything else except good. In a way, God is bounded by that “law”. Just as how we are all bounded by gravity and fall when we are in free space, God is good and can only do good when left to His own. Notice the subject of the above question. The questions put the goodness of God under scrutiny “if God is good, why…” Basically, the primary question is “Is God good?” The secondary sentence is just evidence hoping to prove God bad. The primary question is important and must be answered. Without it, the other questions cannot be answered. However, as for those who have already found the primary answer may I encourage all of us to mature in our walk with God and in our question probing. Let us advance to the secondary question and make it the main question. Why is there suffering? Why is there death?

Already knowing and holding the assumption that God is good, it can only mean one thing. There is some good in the suffering. There is a good purpose behind the death. The real quest for us now is just to find out the reasons behind, not re-describe God with other adjectives. This approach may help us to adopt a more effective approach in facing troubles. Instead of examining God’s goodness all over again and prove it eventually, why not immediately jump into finding the reason for the trouble? A good and sovereign God places these things in our life for a purpose, they are not random accidents. Let’s not continually waddle in the milk of immaturity and keep re-doubting God’s goodness every time something bad happens.

God is good. All the time. Get over it already!