Recently, I sat through a sharing that stemmed from the question on this postcard. There were about 15 people in the circle in which we sat together to share. One by one, we each shared about what we would be willing to lay down our life for. Some shared about their siblings, family. Others explain their choice of death.
Among the many, to name a handful would be
-grandmothers who took care of them
-the salvation of the others
What was interesting about the sharing was the fact that I noticed the trend in which everyone was willing to die for someone, but yet never something. No one even mentioned about some of the strongholds of the secular world. None would die for money, power. Not even fame. Everyone would only die for a person. Interesting isn’t it? Yet I must say, the way our life lived does not seem to be a accurate reflection of the answer given. Why is it that parents spend more time at work then at home and then claim they would give their life for their kids? Why is it that we would die for our siblings yet when they are the ones taking the bulk of our bullying?
I seriously ask you to consider asking yourself this question today.
“What is the one thing you would be willing to die for?”
For unless we know what we would die for, we would not know what we are living for.