Jan’s over, Feb has started, excuses has ran out… Back to the same old self.

[Trial of “One-Eyed Dragon” aka Tan Chor Jin]

A rather amusing piece of article that I found on the 30th Jan’s The Straits Times in the Home section. I find it very entertaining not only because of the accused’s interesting antics in the courtroom but in case if anyone of you did not realised, this (suspected/non-christian/convicted)* murderer is asking God** to bless the christian instead. Talk about irony!

However undernearth all these humour, I unearthed a fundamental worldview which is held by most people.

Did you ever realise that Christians are always made to be the standard model of comparision for a person with good morals? It is that natural for someone to sneer at a person’s bad behavior and then ask – Is he a Christian? In worse scenarios, if the person actually turns out to be a believer in Christ, then his behavior would not be tolerated regardless of the fact whether or not the someone believes in Christ himself. In the same fashion, a person that is not Christian seems to get off the hook easier; it is as though as it acts as some sort of undefinable excuse or something.

4 Implications for a Christian from this:

1) Morals fundamentally accepted and similar to everyone besides the weirdo who are fighting to escape the gallows.

2) The religion that placed under scutiny is usually Christianity. ( I never heard anyone defending themselves from the death sentences using the concepts of Buddism. Perhaps the judge would in turn just console them with the idea of reincarnation. Haha! )

3) People are keeping an eye on Christians all the time. When God talked about salt and light, He clearly was not joking.

4) Morals are called into play even when its user disregards the idea of Christianity or any other religion.
Doesn’t these kind of things ever makes you wonder sometimes….

Who made all these morals?

*Delete where approprieate
**Curiosity makes me want to ask: Which God?