What other great way to start off this blog other then blogging about the recent mission trip to Aussie Land! Had a chat with Shirley a while ago and she said that had a bit of the Aussie slang in my speech. Dang!

Oh well… overall the trip was very enriching. Learnt much as the team leader, got to exercise a few spiritual gifts. (I better do since Hope: Perth’s team was a sign and wonders church….)


I also had this brilliant team with me. They were very supportive and very hardworking. Kudos to the admin people that helped me out seriously. I had like a memory span of 5secs? I was just shooting out whatever schedules I had to plan for in my head and these guys and girls totally noted all of them down. I guess we bonded rather well with each other too. They even threw me into the swimming pool with the help of this other guy. (video will included in the future)

Well, sometimes people keep having this impression that mission trips are for the poor/undeveloped/Africantype of countries? When I told people around me that I am going Perth for my missions, they all shot me that queer look and asked why not other poorer countries. Let me get this straight in the record. I am not out there to do charitable work or manufacture charitable feelings.

1)I went to our church in Perth to exchange spirit, experiences and skills.
2)To help encourage and strengthen our church over there.

 I have no intention to help build houses for the poor there or distribute food rations. Nothing wrong with helping the poorer folks, don’t get me wrong. They are good and they should be continued. However, mission trips are fundamentally to improve spiritual aspect of the country, not just the physical aspect! Get that drilled somewhere into the skull of yours! Sometimes, to aid in the spiritual side, you have to go by the physical aspect especially in poorer countries such as Mexico, but this is not the whole point. We do good works so as to aid the spreading the good gospel. Developed countries need God too! Don’t mix up the core thing with the method of doing it. Method changes, principle stays. And the principle is that people need God.

 For the curious on-lookers that may be asking: So how about the poor people in Perth? Well, the question is why send people from Singapore to help build houses when the Perth people can do it themselves? Remember if you teach the man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime? If this trip is successful and we can help the Perth church to grow stronger and bigger some how or another, they can be salt and light to the community around them! Why rely on foreign support?

 Yeah. Just getting a load of my chest… Oh well, do post your comments below and check out the pictures especially the backdrops. I will be posting more pictures of the Perth trip in the next few days so do keep an eye peeled for them!