Some of you may have heard of the DISC Personal Profile System created by Dr. William Moulton Marston. It classifies people into the 4 D-I-S-C categories of dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness.

I would just like to highlight something about the C type of personality. It is described to be careful, cautious, by the book and perfectionistic* by nature. Well, I was thinking that the people with this profile are probably the saddest case of the lot. That is simply because their thirst for perfection will never be quenched in this imperfect world!

They have the desire for perfection, yet nothing in this world can satisfy their longing. It looks like a sort of sadistic divine comedy to me. Imagine giving sight to the blind, yet restrict them to live in a black and white world such as Pleasantville, or allowing the idea of sweetness penetrate into the mind of a child yet condemning him to the taste of bittergourds for the rest of his life. The desire of perfection does not make sense if this world is all there is to it.

Then again, perhaps it is simply a hint of something else in a world other then this. Could it be that the creator placed a desire in the creation in which that fulfillment can only be found back in the place of origin? Is this a subtle hint of the presence of another world?

*imaginary word