Please allow read finish the post before anyone decides to proclaim any sort of jihad against me

Well, let’s start with why I decide to blog about this in the first place. I picked up Richard Dawkins’s [The God Delusion] and along the blurb I read this line about “how religion fuels war…” On the very next day, a forum article in The Straits Times had this article about reports showing how religious countries (USA) are suffering from moral breakdown when compared to irreligious countries (Europe). It ends of with saying something along the lines of “wait till someone does a co-relation between countries that are religiously fervent and war”.

Exactly what is the problem with people? They have this predetermined notion that religions are supposed to be nice little beliefs that does not agitate people from their comfortable backseats. At best, religion’s sole purpose is to make everyone smile happily at each other on planet Earth!

Get this straight. Religion is war. Even Jesus said that his brand of Christianity is nothing of the watered down sort.

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword
(Matt 10:34) NIV

Yes, it was meant to be uncomfortable. He meant it for us to be shaken out of each of our own comfort zones. Just as in every war, there is a cause, there are deaths and there are sacrifices. Christianity is no different. The cause is love, the deaths are our carnality and the sacrifice is the Son of God. No one said anything about violence being a prerequisite of war.

There is the war of the material world; there is the war of the mind. Gandhi and Jesus waged war with the latter type. Due to human imperfection, we gave birth to grammatically illiterate radicals, who sadly, misinterpreted the meanings. Perhaps that was the cause of terrorism. (Who knew that Lost in Translation would come back to haunt us in a way like this?)

With all due seriousness, even if the war was waged with violent intentions, could it be justified rationally?

If people were known to fight for temporal pursuits such as resources, power and territorial space, how much more should they fight for their eternity? I definitely wouldn’t allow someone to take over my country and impose some other religion hence confidently disposing my ticket to heaven. Hell no! (No pun intended…)

Perhaps this might shine the light a little a bit clearer for Dawkins and people of his like…