There are certain questions in life that requires everyone to give an answer to it. These questions need not necessarily complex, in fact they normally aren’t, for they need to be answered by everyone of the human race regardless of intelligent levels.

Here is an example: You are sitting for an exam. You are required to write your name in the first page. This paper will determine whether if you are allowed to advance to the next level.  It is upon 20 marks. The few questions are weighted in the order of 10, 5, 3 and 2 marks respectively. So what would be the single most important question?

No, it isn’t that 10 mark question. It is the blank that asks for your name.
(Self explanatory)

You may be intelligent enough to be able to work out the entire paper worth of questions. Yet if you have missed out the name-blank, it would have count for nothing. Clearly, there is a distinction between wisdom and paper qualifications!

Similarly, you may have been considered smart, claiming for yourself many academic and professional credentials, working out the entire life’s worth of questions, but miss the all so important name-blank that have stumped PhDs, doctors, professors and the like, resulting in lives that amounted to nothing. 

Allow me to pose you a frank question. Do put yourself in the shoes, and consider the scenario to be a fact which it will be in near future anyway… then answer accordingly.

If you would to die tomorrow, where would you be?