To err in the physical realm is to suffer physical consequences. To err in the conceptual realm is to suffer eternal consequences.

There is no such thing as faithlessness.

We all put our faith in something or someone. It may be reason, it may be Christ, it may be gods, it may be material things. However make no mistakes about this; faith is inseparable from human living. 

People tend to have the misconception that faith is something religious or have an exclusive usage for the supernatural aspects. UTTER RUBBISH! Faith is defined as believing in what we do not see. Understandably, many make the mental link between faith and supernatural because the supernatural realm tends to be invisible thus requiring frequent practices of faith. However, even in the natural world, faith is called into play.

If you were to look at the definition above, anything that you have not seen personally, and yet you believe, has already called upon the element of faith. For example, have any of you seen Antarctica with your own eyes? Yet why do you believe in Antarctica? People can lie, photos can be doctored. (There are still people that belief that the earth is flat. They think the photos are part of an elaborate hoax to deceive them from the truth.) Someone could even bring you to Greenland and claim it to be Antarctica or even Atlantis. Why believe him?

Let’s have another example. Antarctica was one of the simpler ones. If a nut refuses to believe in Antarctica, we can strap him to a plane and fly him there. At least it is observable with the five senses. It is empirical. (Even then, we have already encountered so much issues already.)

How about love?  Can you see love? Can you touch love? Can you smell love? Can you hear love?

Yet we know love exists… is that not putting faith into the unseen?

Okay, let’s say some smart guy found the loop hope in this argument. Love can be considered to be similar to time. Unobservable with the five senses yet measureable. So my question would be this. Can you quantify love with units? Ever heard of 3 hours worth of love?  Even if that stubborn nut were to say that spending time is a way of showing love, the truth is love may be measured with time, but it cannot be measured in time. There is no length of love, time of love, weight of love. Unquantifiable, yet it exists

Unseen. Unobservable. Unquantifiable. Yet love exists.
I guess Paul used the right words when he declared that God is love.

Simply the perfect description.