The unique thing about experience is that it is a rather personal thing. Someone else’s experience can never have the same impact on you as it did on him. His bite of the Apple does not make your tongue tingle with sweetness. In the same way, experiences are hardly transferable. We can speak about it, act about it, write about it, but it will merely be a shadow of the actual thing. As we all know, the gap between the shadow and the reality is a big one.

However, experiences can be over-hyped at times. Seeing is believing – that is what the world believes. Yet is there a solid case for us to take this stand: Since we cannot experience God, He does not exist? Do take note that atheism is not even the lack of belief in a god, but the belief of NO god. It is the reinforcement of the negative absolute statement. Hence there is a world of difference between an atheist and a freethinker.

How can a human with finite intellect confidently presume information that might be beyond their logic? It is like a man who is colourblind declaring that the world consist on of the colours black, grey and white. Even statistics would not give this stand a solid backing. If a strange gene disease were to affect the majority of human population with colourblindness, it still would not discredit the remaining minority’s claim of colour.

Clearly, not experiencing a god does not equate to the absence of one.

They say atheism is the only reason is the only reasonable religion for a logical scientist. However that seems to go against the fundamental principles of being a scientist. No self respectable scientist would dare to declare that he has discovered every species of animal on earth, and neither would he be so quick as to dismiss the possible discovery of new species. Hence how is it possible that they are inconsistent with their work ethic when dealing with religious matters; jumping to the conclusion of there being no god? Surely a scientist cannot be despicable enough to tamper results to suit his personal opinions; does that not make him more of a scientific liar then a seeker of truth?

Thus the core belief of atheism of there being no god at best can only be considered as a hypothesis. Somewhere along the way, some misled soul took it for a truth and created a religion based on it.