Here’s a petition for the committed atheist out there to speak out for what they believe in.

Been having another interesting conversation between several theists and an atheist (See Case against Atheism – Atheist Scientists), and it seems to distill to a single point – what exactly is atheism?


Some claim that it is the lack of belief in a god; some say it is the staunch belief in no God. Others go to say that atheism have various degrees, in which “weak atheism holds the former stand while “strong” atheism holds the latter stand.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that someone who lacks belief in a god is a freethinker? Another thing that strongly disturbs me is the flexible definition placed in the different degrees of atheism. A lack of belief and a belief in no God may sound similar on the surface but have a world of differences between them. How is it that by varying the degrees of atheism, it allows for changes done to its fundamental core beliefs? Just like if we were to vary the tone of red, we an only get a lighter red or a darker red. Pink would be out of the question. A flexible core belief belongs to an inconsistent religion, best suited for an illogical race; choose for yourselves a stand which you think is worth defending.

Is the discussion the misrepresentation of views from an erroneous atheist, uninformed theist or atheism does indeed have various different core beliefs? Perhaps then we have just witnessed the birth of the atheistic denominations.