“The public memory is 10 days long.”

We reacted along with the others, we sympathized with the hurt, we pondering in their disbelief, yet didn’t we forget them like the rest?

9-11 Attacks, Aceh Tsunami, Bali Bombings, Hurricane Katrina, not forgetting the latest: Virginia Tech Shootings.

You know who remembers? Only those that have been hurt. Those that experienced a personal loss. For the rest, its always end up being something statistical. 30 dead, hundreds homeless, thousands wounded. Yet, we all can’t help but ask THE question:

Where is God when that happened -upon further distillation- Why, God?

Somehow, I think only those hurting few deserved to get an answer. Those that have lost, those that will never forget, those that will always remember. Then again with much irony to the author of this post…

God remembers.