“Youth is not the world.”
– a certain man

The very thought of this sentence makes my blood boil. Somehow people always tend to underestimate the power of youths.

Thank goodness that our God is not a god of the superficial, he doesn’t look at size nor age. He looks at the heart. And He prefers a child-like heart to an adult one.

I know He wants us to mature as well. I cannot deny that He wants us to be equipped with an adult-like brain. Then again, if God is unlike man, who judges the outward appearances but instead looks at the hearts of men, what do you think He would value more? A child-like heart or an adult-like brain?

By the way, it seems like the former appears to be rarer.

Samuel heard the voice of God when he was 12-13 years old. David defeated Goliath when he was around 15-17 years old. Joseph hanged on to his dreams which he received in his childhood. Jesus taught in the temple courts when he was 12 years old. It seems like youths can do hell more then an entire army of men, be wiser then a bunch of old folks concerning the Word, and even hear God.

Youths are not powerful because they are young. They are powerful because our God is powerful and he chooses to work though them. Our God does not have a minimum age requirement. In fact, I suppose God will rather use the youth – they have softer hearts, more obedience and greater faith. Would you use wet clay or wait a while longer for the hardened clay to serve your pottery purposes? It is a no brainer question, for the youth at least… adults might have alternative forms of reasoning.

“Youths can be adults, but adults can never be youths.”
– Zachary Young

On the 21 of January 2007, I posted:

Adults have the hands to change the world,
Youths have the hearts to change the world.

Allow me to add on to it.

God can be the hands of the youths,
but He cannot be the hearts of the adults.