Been very busy as of lately. Church camp and work has a habit of clashing when it comes to work momentum. That explains the less frequent postings.

Looking on the bright side, it shows that busy-ness hold a sort of temporal cure for the random musers out there! Anyway, I have not been doing much of thinking recently, but here are some of things that others have been pondering about that have provoked me to do like-wise. (So much for that mental sabbath…)

May they be your pearls of wisdom or pills of insanity.



[From Wei Ting’s Blog -2 June 07]

Yknw what amazed me in pirates’ movie was the fact that to come back from death one has to rock the boat and spin it upside down by sunset. because sunset on death island meant sunrise on our side of reality…



[From Xiang Yu’s Blog – 22 May 07]

trees are like humans……
and some love God. u know them. the tallest ones, which are also the ones with the deepest roots. the ones that reach up to the heavens so that they can touch God’s feet. and the ones that go so deep into the earth so that they can feel God’s middle.

the tallest ones. so that when they shout “i love God”, other trees can hear. so that when they dance in the wind, praising God….other trees can see.

the tallest ones. so that they can feel the rain first. so that they can see the sunrise first. so that they can see the sky turn indigo first. so that they can feel the sunrays first.

the tallest ones are the ones that stand out and stand up.



[Jie Hui’s Blog – 6 June 07]

All of the posts regarding Chile. This one thing that hit me quite hard.

“Coming to missions is like a baptism of fire. It builds your character in ways that my peers back home would never have had. The experience of a different culture really helps to broaden your view about the world.”



[Winnie’s Blog – 31 May 07]

…they said the state of my table is the state of my mind…



[Missions’ Conference – 31 May 07]

“We talk of the second coming; half of the world has never heard of the first.”
–Oswald J. Smith