[This post was evoked/inspired by Shi You.]

Allow me to explain why – I was shopping around in Vivo city yesterday with the ULs when I heard someone calling out my name. It was none other then Shi You and apparently she just wanted to tell me that although she’s in Melbourne, she still reads my blog because she finds it inspiring and encouraged me to keep blogging.

It was a short conversation, perhaps at most about 2 minutes, but the words exchanged have made a big difference in my heart. People often have no idea how many times I felt like closing down this blog as I often thought that it wasn’t fulfilling its intended purpose: Impacting the lives of others. That small little encouragement from her helped to reassure me that it’s on the right path.

As I dwell on her words, it can only cause me to wonder how many times have God placed a person in my path for me to encourage? A simple phrase or a gentle assurance can have such an enormous impact on peoples’ life. Yet am I guilty of withholding such simple gestures from a discouraged soul? Probably. I suspect this is fundamentally a cultural flaw. We Singaporeans tend to be less vocal, withholding our praise and muting our personal opinions. No wonder Shirley needs to rally the hundreds of people who visit Eelee’s blog to tag and comment, in hope that a few souls will respond. Perhaps this is why thousands may complain about the 7% GST but only 5 would join the opposition parties. Ridiculous isn’t it?

As with all flaws, actions need to be taken. Problems can only be solved if we take ownership of them. If we have to change this culture; I have to change this culture. It starts with the power of one. I’m going to comment more, tag more, write more cards; in hope that I might encourage some. Join me. Change the culture!

Sometimes… to be less vocal is to be less biblical.