Congratulations. We are spiritually blind, spiritually deaf and spiritually numb. If God were to appear in his full glory, we would not be able to see him, since he is a spiritual being. Then we humans ask, if God is real, why doesn’t he reveal himself?


He limits his power, his glory and his size even. He appears in the form of Jesus, a being bounded by the physical laws in order that we can see him. Yet we mock him, surprised by the packaging of a god, surprised at his limited being.

Clearly, humans are a confused lot aren’t they?

Due to our limited vision, the only way for us to see the entire Everest would be through the pictures on encyclopedias. But we have taken those inches to be its true height. We demand to see God, but we do not understand what we see. It intrigues me how God can even put up with such stupidity.

It is truly, love.