“How I’d like to change the world”
-These are the exact words on my bible.

Looking Down on Earth

This morning, my conscience struck me with a passing thought.

How can I hope to change the world if I can’t even change my own life?

There are two types of world: the world we live in, and the world we live with. The former is easy to change. A bomb, an earthquake, a political law, all these can do the job. The former world is merely a physical shell.

However, to change the latter world requires more then just a change of surroundings. It asks for a spiritual one. The problems of mankind have always been the same, only manifested in different forms by different generations of people with the different technology available to them.

We didn’t stop murder. In fact, we even got more creative with the methods of extermination. We didn’t stop lusting; we just passed it off as art. We didn’t stop greed; we started justifying it as necessary economic expansion.

Hence any change to the former world is temporal and it ends with the passing of that phrase.

We need a spiritual change, a deep change in the character of the people living in the world to effectively change the world. We need to change the people in the world, not the world itself. Therefore, when I change myself, my life, I am already changing the world. Not only that, the change in my life must effect a positive change in others’ lives that in turn changes the lives of others, if not, the change will only be as lasting as the span of my life.

Changing the world means changing lives.
Before I can change the world, I must first change myself.
God, please help me to change my life.