“the icy cold hands immerses itself into the lukewarm tap water, retracts instantly… shocked by the scalding sensation it experiences even though logic tells it otherwise. “

I re-entered reality with a rude awakening. I received a tongue lashing from my superiors the moment I woke up on Thursday morning. Apparently, he came to my dormitory and dished it out while I was still in my discombobulated state of mind, unable to defend myself. I found out later that he was angry with me for sleeping during office hours – at 7.50AM.

I rest my case.

What a way to end camp, or start life; the sudden readjustments that needs to be made between heaven and hell. After camp, while many share their newly received insights, allow me to share something about insights after observing the past ten camps or so.

A written sentence outlasts the hundred spoken words.

An applied challenge outdoes the inspiring sermons.

It takes approximately the same amount of effort to organize a camp and fulfill a promise.

The trick lies in doing, “even when feelings tell you otherwise.”