I’m going to Auckland tonight for missions. That’s one step closer to fulfilling my dream for God.

I once watched a sermon that was preached by a famous doctor. He mentioned about people having big dreams for God. He attended many evangelistic conferences and movements. Many of the leaders expressed big dreams and lofty ideals without any real and practical means of realizing them. He termed those as useless talks, even if they are from respectable leaders. Those are just hot air balloons.

I think this is the real challenge of dreamer; to be more then just a dreamer.

Real dreaming is mental hard work, but its not because of the efforts to think of the ideal. The ideal is easy, it’s the planning taken to reach the ideal that is hard. It’s the process where we evaluate if the proposal is feasible, the resources sufficient, the effort sustainable and the duration reasonable.

Let’s go behind a dream.

Imagine if we decided to win half of Singapore to Christ in the year 1990.
Sounds good doesn’t it?

We had 3 millions people then, hence half of Singapore would mean 1 500 000 people. Statistically, an average American church size would be about 100. (We aren’t even talking about planting mega churches like City Harvest and the likes…) That means that we would need 15 000 churches. Well, accord to the statistics I had, it was about 500 churches. Hence we would need to plant 14 500 churches.

Now, who was saying that we have enough leaders already?

In Breakthrough Camp, when Pastor David Chen opened a time for sharing, in order to snatch my share of the triple anointing, I shared to the church I wanted to be a youth apostle, planting youth churches around the world. And I have already started taking my steps to accomplish it, however small it may be.

I’m sharing this not as to boast, but I really hope it would inspire some of you to go out there and do likewise. Don’t dream dreams, chase ’em!

The world as it is, is not the world that it has to be.
-Barack Obama