I am typing this post in the house of a pastor!

Woke up at 530am today to head down for their first ever morning prayer meeting. There was only me, Kathy and Auntie Angela. We prayed for the church and its needs for one hour. Had a fruitful praying session. I realized when the church is still in its pioneering stage, it is really fragile and it needs lots of prayer and concern. Even though I have only been here for about 4 days, it makes me feel really burden for the church. It makes me want to stay longer and help by contributing in anyway I can.

After that, the 3 of us headed for breakfast. Had breakfast kiwi styled. Scrambled eggs with a bagel and a cup of mochachino! We had a interesting discussion regarding drinking. It was really a time of sharing and discussion between tradition and principles. Glad to learn from their viewpoints, cause I really think Singapore is moving towards a westernized culture, which is very prominent over here in New Zealand. I think in about 5 years time, we would be facing their culture?

Anyway, I saw the room that I would be sleeping in over here! I would be sleeping on the same bed that Pastor PN and all the other international pastors slept on! Maybe I’ll get some some anointing by diffusion? Haha!