Been quite busy recently. Had like discussions late into the night regarding System Spirit Structure the past few days. Really thank God for their humble hearts and willingness to learn. It is like, when I’m chatting with them, Stef and Kathy (their youth and uni leaders) would just take out their notebooks and start copying notes. Mind you, it was just a chat and no one told them to copy anything down. Their spirit of learning over here is just so strong!

This is the generation that starts the revival. I don’t think so, I know so.

Anyway, on a personal note. I’m really adapting well. In fact, I sometimes wonder if I’m able to adapt back to Singapore climate when I’m back? I am walking around in my Brazilian Praia and the berms in about 20-24 degrees kind of weather? Today I experienced my first rainy weather in Auckland. Outdoors. I literally froze? My hands were so cold they will failing me while I tried to use my phone. I have just moved in with Auntie Angela 2 days ago. I tell you, they are so hospitable, I feel like I’m right back in Singapore. Their house is really cool, and so is my room. My nose was actually bleeding internally the first few days I was here. My mucus is covered in dried blood whenever I blow my nose in the mornings. However, ever since I shifted in, my nose stopped bleeding. I think it is the bed!

Kathy & Rachel
Kathy & Rachel being funny
Me, Steph, Rhys & Philip chilling out at a cafe. The hot chocolate is really nice on a rainy day!
CCM Booth
Proof that I work: The CCM Booth
Living Room
The living room
Their praise rehearsal for service. They play some cool songs!

-Side notes-
Oh shrucks, I have accidentally bitten myself while typing this entry and eating the nougat. I hope I don’t get any ulcers. I really stops me from teaching well…