I never thought that this day would come. I trying so hard to find something to do, I ended up watching Justice League cartoons with Jared (Stephanie’s 10 year old brother).

Is this the sign of the end times?

I guess I’m still learning to adjust to the kiwi lifestyle. Steph found me stoning at the couch today. She said I was picking up the popular kiwi pastime – bumming around. I tell you, doing it is an art form by itself. People who know me would know that slowing down my pace of life is just NOT me. It’s not that kiwis are lazy or something. It’s just that when all shop closes by 5pm, you don’t have much of an alternative. I guess is this why the fellowship here is so strong and closely knitted. If something happens to you, you have full security that everyone would just gather around and give you support; I think that’s an attractive community.

Superman: Flash, Hawkgirl can you buy us sometime in court?
Flash: You are asking the world’s fastest guy to slow things down?

I spent most of my free time chatting with the people here. Well, to some of them, it appears to them that I always have something to teach them? I even have Kathy (who is my senior by 2 years) calling me “teacher”. -_-! Yet, the truth is I have learnt so much from them that I can probably skip the Oceania Convention, go home now, and still call this an extremely fruitful trip. I have found myself sitting at home, listening to Auntie Angela reminiscing the interesting stories of our church history. I have shared and caught the convictions and passion of Steph, learnt about the reality of courtship from Kathy and even picked up a thing or two from Rachel regarding the phrasing of speech.

I really enjoy these conversations.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I though might be interesting… (Click to enlarge)


In respective order
A: Red hot spicy twisties. Red… Literally
B: Bus Ticket. One ride here is $3.20!
C: The round thing is a Ghanaian Donut. Serious!
D: Steph’s interesting textbook
E: Kevin – The cranky CCM President
F: Steph at work. The minimum pay is $10 here!
G: Jared (Not at work)
H: Rachel sharing my Honey Stars. Doesn’t she look like Vanness Wu?
I: View from the 5th level of the library
J: Competing-club-booths-that-were-next-to-us. (Part 1) / The Islamic Society
K: Competing-club-booths-that-were-next-to-us. (Part 2) /The Gay Club
L: Kathy and her pancake attempts
M: Kathy’s 4th pancake take vs Auntie Angela’s perfect pancakes. (Her first take was scrambled pancakes.)