Here are just some of the parting shots and videos I took…


A: Mt Helen crater shot
B: All that white dots are cricket players. Amazingly, I picked up the sport too!
C: Cheesy pizza. The pizza here rocks!
D: Yes Alvern. I did wear the scarf. A lot of girls liked it… Haha!
E: Check out the matching strips!
F: My proudest shot.
G: Included the tree for artistic purposes.
H: The bunch of people I throughly enjoyed hanging out and bumming around.

Trying to put the flower on Philip’s head.

The commentary of the beautiful Mt Eden done with a Singaporean accent.

Last day at the Soh’s

I realized why I really hate packing the luggage. It’s the feeling of having to leave your comfort zone that I really struggle with. Even when I came over from Singapore, I really dreaded the packing of bags. It’s like the sharpening of your own guillotine blade, taking you step by step through the things you have to leave behind again. This is especially hard when you gotten used to the environment and found yourself attached to it. That is exactly what the packing of luggages do to you; it makes you break each of these strings consciously and painfully. No wonder they say humans are creatures of habit. Oh well, if Paul could do it, so can I. I wonder how Jesus felt when He was packing his luggages for Earth.

For the Kingdom!