How do you convert a person who has been Kiwi-nised in the last 3 weeks into an Ozzy in 7 days?

First, you bring him to a seaside with a scenery that rivals that of Mission Bay to eat feeeesh & cheeeeps*


Then, you bring him to Mt Coot-tha hoping that its panorama view of the city would beat the spectacular view from Mt Eden.

After that, take him out to dinner at a pizza place with free flow of pork ribs, making sure you let him see the killer sunset scene.


Last but not least, you bring him back to your place and make ice cream without a freezer…

Note: It is not a fool proof method. The subject might still choose to hang on to his or her personal preferences.

All photos were taken with my Nokia 6121 camera phone.
All Ozzy slang were contributed by Steph “Kiwi” Soh.
All locations were provided by Hope Brisbane, namely – Wesley, Nic & Justin