More and more apostolic movements, denominations leaders and churches are slowly starting to believe what our founder believed in all along…

The Great Commission can be accomplished in this life time.

The world is getting smaller while the communication is getting faster. More and more people are convicted that this is the generation that gets to see Jesus returning! The only question that remains is whether the Christians ready for the finale? In the Leaders’ Conference (LC), Shirley asked those who were present, if Jesus was coming back in our lifetime, and we are the anchor man (last runner) of this relay race of Christianity, what does it mean for us? Paul thought Jesus was coming back, and he lived his life in a manner as such. Yet, he would be so envious to be living in the generation such as ours! Think of the things Paul could have done if he was in our technological advanced generation!

It is in your time.
-Pastor PN

The question was posed once again in the recent Careleaders’ Meeting…

What are we going to do since we are the anchor man?

I thought I would post what I had shared that night at LC.

We must be an End Times Christian.
An End Times Christian must be strong enough to last though the end times without compromising in principles nor weakening in faith.

This is in line with our movement’s vision isn’t it?
“to fulfill the great Commission in our lifetime by…”
As much as it is unpopular, but it truly reflects on our seriousness of living out our vision. Most people give me contradictory answers on this. They say yes to His return but no to the persecution. The Bible is clear on this. It comes hand in hand. This reminds me of the book “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.”

My personal application is that I must build myself up in a strong and biblical fashion so that I (with God’s grace) would not waver when the end times come.

We must build up End Times Christians.
For too many times have I seen people backsliding or watered down their faith & ministries due to transition in life stages, transferring services, going through exam seasons and the sorts. It makes me wonder, if they can’t even persevere through such minor ordeals, how can they last though the end times! The true test of church health is not the church growth, but the percentage of Christians remaining in the end times.

I must build my people up in a strong and biblical fashion so that they can last through the end times.


Do in this in mind…

We may be the runners of the last lap, but last lap runners can still get disqualified.