*It is not intended as a frivolous swearing phrase, but I do mean it literally, for the sake of Christ.

I had shared about being a salt and light Christian in the recent Word For Life classes that I taught and many people came up to me after that saying that they really caught my conviction in it. I didn’t bother explaining it further, but honestly, that’s not really my actual point.

However, all these haven’t been sitting well with me, hence this catharsis.

You can say I’m permanently stuck in the adolescent stages of spiritual maturity, but I still strongly, and firmly believe that my (spiritual) father is the greatest thing that ever happened in human life. And I get so agitated and enraged when He is not credited with the glory and the honor He so rightfully deserves! And all these stems from the fact that He chooses to use us; the undeserving sinful Christians to proclaim His grandiose name. So many times I have seen God being humiliated and minimized, not because He is weak, but because His ambassadors are not faithfully honoring His name!

Perhaps let’s contextualize it for students in examination periods. When a Christian don’t study hard, Christ’s name suffers! When one Christian cheats, Christ’s name is humiliated! When church leaders don’t do well in results, Christ’s ministry is compromised!

“You mean Christians are allowed to do that?”
“He didn’t score very well, because He spent most of his time in church.”
“He’s a Christian?”

When you finally realize that cross you hang around your neck represents so much more honor then you can ever behold, and we the people who are entrusted with its name sake are dragging in through mud, how much more care will we take in the manner which we live our lives!