Here’s something that hit me very hard while I was reading, and I want to share with all of you…

A church begins to live by faith when its people move the things God has clearly said into the nonoptional category. A church doesn’t need to pray about whether it should pray. It doesn’t need to pray about whether it should serve. It doesn’t need to pray about whether it should evangelize. The list goes on and on. The will of God isn’t as obscure as we’d like to make it. Many times what we want from God is not a mandate that requires our faith, but a guarantee that in reality, faith was never needed.

Larry inspired me to go before all of our leaders and come clean, to clearly communicate that the journey I was inviting them to enter had no guarantee of success. I had to tell them that we might even, in the midst of our efforts, find ourselves failing; that there is no promises in the Bible that any one local church will accomplish everything that God has on his heart; and that God’s greatest purpose for us might be that we fail falling forward. But could we consider that even our death would be an act of faith if the direction of our bodies pointed the way to God’s future?

-Erwin Raphael McManus, An Unstoppable Force