I seldom quote double from a book, but this is worth the trouble.

When you ignore problems, you relinquish a place of truth. When you ignore problems, you communicate a lack of confidence that God can overcome obstacles that have debilitated or even paralyzed God’s people. identifying the clear problems is not expressing pessimism or negativity. It is not judgmentalism or condemnation. It is standing to face whatever Goliaths stand before God’s people and speaking with confidence about a future gained after Goliath’s defeat.
-Erwin Raphael’s McManus’s “An Unstoppable Force”

I get so irritated with people who are always so quick to defend and say that we are being judgmental. I think there’s a fine line between being judgmental and making judgments. We are told not to be judgmental, but I also believe we are told to judge. I mean, come on, even the Bible has a book entitled Judges! Overlooking our friends’ sin due to our lack of courage to correct is not called it forgiveness. We do not condemn, by neither do we condone in silence! If something is black, we have to call it black, and this ain’t called being judgmental.

I think the line that separate making judgments from being judgmental is love.

Love judges to save, but judgmentalism judges to destroy.
Judgmentalism takes pride in the flaw, but love takes pride in the change.

I think we would all fare better if we started judging our judgments instead of people.