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The gathering of political and religious superpowers tends to get a bit messy and overly complex at time. Kudos to Rick Warren for handling the interview professionally. Catch the multi-part interview here.


The addition of Christian principles into politics, science and the like are compulsory; it’s a mandate from God directly given to us in Matt 5’s Salt & Light declaration. However, this process of mixing-in (as I call it) is a rather touchy issue.

I firmly believe that pastors should not meddle in topics in which they are a greenhorn in. I have seen the effects of a pastor using the Word of God to push across a stand in a topic of which he does not have through understanding of. This leaves a scar, and worse still, it carves a wrong image of Christ onto the hearts of the listeners, especially if the pastor turns out to be wrong! It makes the immature believer who originally trusted his pastor skeptical of Christianity because of the misrepresentation of Christ by the pastor!

The power of the pulpit comes with the responsibility and the blood of eternal lives; a lot is a stake.

I pray that pastors preach what they excel in – the Word of God, and let the Christian scientists preach with their language of science. We need more Christian politicians, not political pastors.

Disclaimer: The pastor whom I used in the example is not from my church. And I thought I better reiterate that Rick Warren did a good job in balancing politics and Christianity. I know how people tend to have selective reading sometimes…