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Recently, there has been quite a bit of interest over conspiracy theories, end times and revelations. Not that these any of these are new; I taught a basic apologetic class and to no surprise, the topic of Revelations came out again. I guess it only underlines the human nature of being interested with the unknown future. Yet, it is not the knowledge that we have that counts, but how we choose to respond to it that matters.

That’s all you should read if you think Zach is a nice guy. Haha!

Everyone is always eager to know the exact date which Jesus is coming back, the year which the world ends, when Armageddon begins… Here’s my question to you: Should it affect the way you live? So what if the world is ending tomorrow? You would then start to clean up your act and think about eternity? So what if the world ends in 2500? Is that your permission to continue leading a godless life? Those people who want to find out about the Armageddon dates are the kinds who want to party all the way and repent at Doomsday-minus-one!


No wonder God doesn’t want to tell us when he is coming back; He doesn’t want last minute Christians!

Even if you know the exact dates, it amounts to nothing. You don’t have the assurance of being able to live safely till then; Jesus may be coming back next Sunday but you might be involved in a car crash tomorrow. Don’t plan it that close. Repent today and live everyday of your life like Jesus is coming back tomorrow. Come to think of it, that’s how everyone should live isn’t it? We have no assurance that we can live till tomorrow, so today should be taken to be our last. I love the way how Harry puts it across.

I’m dying everyday.
-Harry Lam Ming Hon

I absolutely hate it when people talk so much about end times yet continue living life the same. What’s the point!? That ain’t bible study, that is spiritual bull!

Let me tell you give a crash course on Revelations.
Point 1: Jesus is coming back. Point 2: Jesus wins.

Now, if someone will just clean up his act and die everyday; that’s what I call a REAL revelation.

P.S. I bet you none of you know what that picture is all about.