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“Scripture is clear that there is a basic starting point to the Christian faith: admitting that we need Jesus… Yet the point of the research I have presented is to clarify when the simple starting point becomes a substitute for Christian discipleship. Intentionally or not, we promote the idea to outsiders that being a Christ follower is primarily about the mere choice to convert. We do not portray it as an all-out, into-the-kingdom enlistment that dramatically influences all aspects of life. Perhaps you are thinking that you do describe it in these terms. Then why are so many millions of young people missing the point, failing to develop the basic elements of a biblical worldview?”
-UNchristian, David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons

No twerp would sign up for rugby tryouts, and no hulks would register for librarian club. (No offense to any librarians, the fault lies on ignorant me; I will never know how important your job is.) Both of these clubs portrayed an accurate image of their expectation, hence they get what they excepted. Every individual knows exactly what they have signed themselves up for. You ask for librarians, you get librarians. You request for tough men, you get ’em. However, don’t expect to get rugby players with a librarian’s invitation. You can’t entice them with a welcome tea and then impose a strict rugby training regime on them. They would obviously quit, because they didn’t sign up for this.


“How do we not water down Christianity, yet make it simple and easy enough for everyone to accept Christ?”