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Here’s a picture I love. Not the person itself, but rather the spirit of defiance behind it. Allow me to tell you the story behind it.

During the month of September, my leaders and I launched this campaign of “I belong to Jesus”. It was inspired by the famous A.C. Milan’s footballer Kaka, a Christian who extols God with his goals and victories. Although the campaign was decided back in September, it was only executed out in this recent October; the reason was that we wanted to take the one month to prepare ourselves.

This idea started out just like any soccer crazed dream. Kaka, soccer, Christ… the mix can’t get any more euphorical than this! We understand that the shirt doesn’t make us start to represent Him but rather, it only reinforces the fact that we are already representatives of the Almighty. Yet, the weight of this campaign slowly dawned upon us as October draws nearer. One by one, we started to think to ourselves, what if we were already wearing the shirt? Would we be glorifying His name or defaming His reputation?

We have already donned on this imaginary shirt of Christ; it was then, this name seemed to be such a burden.

Yet, here is a girl who is persecuted by her parents for being a Christian. She can’t openly admit her faith to her mum. She has to secretly attend church camps. She can’t even wear this shirt at home, wash it or even air it. To be able to wear this shirt is such a privilege to her.

An impossible picture, a laugh aimed right smack in the face of the devil; a declaration of our defiance.

I love this picture.

“What if you are wearing this shirt today?”