It has been 4 days of blog silence over here since Obama took the presidency.

For those who know me, they would have found this extremely weird. Bringing up the topic of Obama around me during the stages running up to the election would normally results in random shouts of “Yes we can!” and occasional fits of hyper reaction. Yet, after the results, being speechless would be just about the last adjective I would use to describe myself.

He’s really a fantastic orator.

However, in light of such awesome events, I feel that my words really don’t do it any justice. On the actual day itself after the results, I actually spent 45min typing and deleting an empty word document! Trust me… I don’t believe my idiocy as well. I have been spacing out just thinking about this whole episode.

What intrigues me is how he…
– got 64 million people to queue up for hours to vote for him?
– got 64 million people to put aside their differences for one purpose?
– convinced 64 million people to put aside racism?
– got a state to stand in the rain just to hear him speak?
– got the young and the old to campaign for him from door to door?
– shook the youth out of their apathy?

And do it without using money, threats, force and or spending extended time with his supporters.

I have never seen another leader like him in this lifetime of mine.

I really count myself among one of those privileged enough to be living in such a time. I use to lament about missing the Spartan era and the samurai dynasty. Well now, I wouldn’t trade my generation for anything…